Contracts & Wallets list

Keep it smart. Keep it safe.

Smart Contracts are the foundation of our degen farm.

We have put in the effort to build them from the ground up. This is not just some mere fork you see here, but a true degen masterpiece - appreciate the efforts, degens!

SPINAQ: 0x802124EB78E43FD8d3d4E6DAAAa4Be28Dc7993dc

MasterChef: 0xF5896A5b7F4ae8fdC72C80aBE893CCe96BD1f727

Factory: 0x7cC5e1292E466AD29D2f8A75AcC7C99b653bBEbc

Router: 0x90A0be939691b83ECF82EA11184cF03b3F0f81d0

Marketing and Operations(CEX listings, Partnerships, Marketing activities): 0xBBDe01fd4E1B613139C3a217135850f178052FDc

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