Adding Liquidity

Everybody want this yammy yam SPINAQ

Adding Liquidityโ€‹

  1. To add Liquidity, you first need to buy SPINAQ token at

  1. Then proceed to POOLS tab:

  2. Click +ADD Liquidity.

  3. Put some amount in ETH tab or SPINAQ tab and then click Approve SPINAQ.(sometimes it may be necessary to delete numbers after the comma in SPINAQ tab) Then confirm APPROVE tx on metamask.

  4. When the approval transaction is completed correctly, the button will change to SUPPLY. Click on this button and confirm the transactions in the metamask.

  5. Voila! Your LP has been added.

  6. Now what's left is staking LP into the FARM contract. Staking and Farming

Removing Liquidity Pool

  1. If you want to remove that Liquidity (although Popey will be angry) simply proceed again into POOLS tab.

  2. Wait for your pair to be loaded, expand the menu, and then click - REMOVE.

  1. Choose the amount you want to remove and click ENABLE. Confirm transaction on metamask.

  2. When the approval transaction is completed correctly, then click the button REMOVE. Confirm transaction on metamask.

  1. That's it! Your LP should be removed, and the tokens will sail to your wallet.

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