Farms Overview

During Bootstrapping Phase, we aim to have liquidity pools (farms) that are paired to SPINAQ token only.

This prevents vampire attacks on the SPINAQ, which intend to put sell pressure on the token, without taking any risks related to the token's price.

Let's be real, tho, you need SPINAQ to grow strong. Why would you not accumulate it?

In the later phase, in order to grow TVL on our decentralized exchange, we will be adding more pairs, likely related to tokens launching via Spinaq Shipyard.

Single Staking for SPINAQ will be created as a utility as the token starts to roll in.

Initial liquidity pools (farms):

SPINAQ needs to be strong so we want to provide farmers the best quality of that beautiful green resource.


Coming soon:

  • SPINAQ (Single Staking)


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