The Spinaq DEX SPINAQ is the governance token of the platform, designed to bootstrap a DAO around the Spinaq ecosystem.

SPINAQ Contract: 0x802124EB78E43FD8d3d4E6DAAAa4Be28Dc7993dc

  • Swap Fee: 0.20% - Everything to Liquidity Providers

  • 4% Buy & Sell Tax Fee: 2% to the Game Fund*, 2% to Development & Marketing

  • Token

    • Ticker: $SPINAQ

    • Contract:​ 0x802124EB78E43FD8d3d4E6DAAAa4Be28Dc7993dc

    • Max Supply: 192'900'000

    • Initial supply: 1'929'000

    • Monthly Emission Rate: See Emission Schedule

*Game Fund will be used for various contests, tournament prize pools and promotion, as well as bootstrapping the game economy.

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